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NPR Piece on Muslim ‘Quantico’ Characters

Posted on Jan 24, 2016 | 0 comments

Photo Source: Facebook/Quantico


Since “Quantico” first premiered in September of 2015, I have been writing reviews of the show for Brown Girl Magazine. For this first half of the season, I strived to be as objective and fair as possible, which I hope came across to readers. Some episodes impressed me, while others fell short of my expectations, and I made sure to voice those opinions. It has been an interesting journey watching “Quantico” grow and develop from the pilot to the winter finale.

In late 2015, I was asked to comment on the show’s representation of Muslim characters Raina and Nimah, twin sisters played by actress Yasmine Al Massri, for NPR’s Code Switch blog. I, along with a few other young Muslim women, discussed my views on how well these characters represent modern Muslim women and the ways in which I relate to them.

Special thanks to Lakshmi Gandhi for including me in her piece.

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